Welcome to the Eagle Bluff Nature Preschool application page!

At this time, we anticipate having 7-10 non-Head Start spots available for next year. Spots will be filled by a first-come, first-served basis until the class is full at which time we will generate a waiting list. If more spots become available, we’ll contact those on the waiting list in order of application submission and scheduling preferences.

Contact Colleen Foehrenbacher at [email protected] or (507) 467-2714 with questions or concerns.

This application is not complete until the non-refundable application fee is received.

Child Information

Scheduling Preference

New for 2023-2024: To try and fit the needs of more families, we are opening up registration for more scheduling options. Options are presented below. Please choose one option. Because we have limited spots, priority registration will be given in this order: 1. Full-day, full-week, 2. Full day, partial week, 3. Mornings only (full or partial week). We ask that you are willing to commit to the schedule for the whole year (any slight variations from time to time can be communicated directly to to preschool staff).

  • My child will attend the full day (8am-3pm) and full week (Mon-Thurs attendance)

  • My child will attend the full day (8am-3pm), but they will only attend certain days of the week.

  • My child will attend mornings only (8am-11:30pm).

Additionally, while this is currently not a part of our preschool program, we are exploring the option of after school care and would love to know if this is something your family would potentially be interested in (for an additional fee):

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